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I aim to blur the lines between different creative disciplines.
My photography spans from fashion and interior design to
architecture, lifestyle and commercial work. ​
My creative projects are characterised by a fine attention to
detail and for the last ten years I have focused my efforts into
fine-tuning my personal style. 

Through these years of photographing, filming, designing and storytelling for large- and small scale projects, I founded my
own visual agency.​I pride myself to work with awesome clients
and the finished product is always natural, stylish and memorable.

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My story

From a young age I was experimenting with video and images.
I wrote scripts, directed and edited videos...
A more difficult school career eventually led
me - fortunately - to an audio-visual education.

I immersed myself in film and photography and at that moment chose for film.

After an additionally evening course in graphic design, I decided to become completely independent as a video and photographer.

I initially profiled myself and my company as an agency, called Zwartwit, but decided in 2023 that that was not my path. 
It became 'Joachim De Rous' again and I have since marketed myself as a photographer and art director. Because, if I am very honest, that is where my greatest added value and talent lie.

I mainly offer fashion and architectural photography, and by extension also branding photography. 

It is important to me that my values ​​can come together in every assignment: passion, creativity, collaboration, growth and essence.

Does my style resonate with you? Let's get acquainted with a  ☕.


Ralph Lauren
Oever Gallery

Van Marcke
Ocura health care
Easy Fairs
Atelier Arena

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